2021 Partners


The NHSSCA would like to thank our Level 1 Sponsors that have chosen to partner with us, our members and our mission. We are humbled and honored that they recognize the value of the high school strength coach.



TeamBuildr is a platform for coaches to write programs quickly, collect meaningful data and give athlete digital tool for feedback and accountability. Originally built specifically for college strength coaches,


TeamBuildr now works with more than 1,300 high school S&C and PE programs in the US and Canada. As an Original Sponsor, more NHSSCA State and Regional leaders use TeamBuildr than any other software program. Our company has no investors or outside interests influencing our vision; that’s the way we think it should be.

Rep Contact: Luke Green

Fitness Doctor


Fitness Doctor is professional project management, installation, service & repair company. They specialize in the conception, design, initiation, planning, execution, & installation of new buildout and existing renovations for athletic performance facilities. In addition, they maintain, service, & repair all major brands of performance training equipment. They are distinctive in that unlike most project management/installation companies they are specific to the performance training industry only. They are unique in that they do not sell equipment & they work with all major vendors to fit your projects individual needs

Rep Contact: Steven D. Holt



Perch is velocity based training made easy and built for the 21st century. With simple set up and seamless integration, Perch uses small and mobile 3D cameras to monitor and manage weight room performance without detracting from it. By passively collecting speed and power data, delivering it in real time to athletes, and storing it for post-workout analysis, Perch enhances workouts, reduces injuries, and saves time. No strings. No wearables. No hassle. Perch has helped organizations such as LSU Football, Hebron Christian Academy, the NY Giants, Gaffney High School, and the Army Rangers get the most out of their athletes. With non-contact measurement and seamless data collection, Perch has seen growing interest from high schools across the country. Perch is thrilled to begin working with NHSCCA to continue to elevate sports performance nationwide.

Rep Contact: Nika Ouellette



At Arsenal Strength, we are committed to creating the best strength equipment in the world. Each and every piece of strength equipment undergoes rigorous testing in The Showroom, tweaking and perfecting each angle, grip and element of the machine. We want to give you the best equipment possible. We are extremely passionate about what we do and working with our customers. We will always give you our best when creating your Gym Design. We appreciate every order, every customer.

Rep Contact: Brad Holt



PUSH is dedicated to building exceptional sport technology that helps coaches and athletes perform at their best. Since 2013, PUSH has grown to be a 360 Degree Solution for coaches of all levels looking to program, provide live feedback, passively collect data, and generate reports.


The PUSH Band 2.0 is a world leading wireless tool capable of giving live velocity and power metrics on over 400 movements, jump height and reactive strength indexes, and submaximal 1RMs. When combined with the PUSH Portal, the PUSH Ecosystem becomes a one stop shop for driving performance.


In working with the NHSSCA we hope to provide High School Strength and Conditioning Coaches access to the same cutting-edge technology used in collegiate and professional sport, with packages available for all budgets and levels, we can empower coaches to build the most powerful and highest-performing athletes possible.

Rep Contact: Alec Fougere

Dynamic Fitness & Strength


Dynamic Fitness & Strength is a family-owned manufacture of American-made strength and fitness solutions. Our Eau Claire, WI manufacturing plant combines the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques with the state-of-the-art fabrication equipment. We have invested in our people, our processes, and our technology to continually exceed the demands of our customers. With everything housed under one roof, we internally scrutinize for quality and have control of our processes including design, manufacturing, and delivery.


We believe that our people are our greatest asset and you, the customer, are King. Our motto, “The only constant is change”, reminds us to constantly innovate and seek continuous improvements in our product and processes. Our design, sales, marketing and engineering teams continually collaborate, focusing on developing market solutions to accommodate industry trends, financial challenges, space constraints, and unique options for customization. #MoreStrengthPerSquareFoot


We are proud to be a partner with NHSSCA and are committed to providing strength solutions to the High School market.

Rep Contact: Craig Sowers



Sorinex is the leading innovator in American-made strength equipment. Family-owned since 1980. BE LEGENDARY™ #sorinex #physicallycultured, #boscobrotherhood

Rep Contact: Bert Sorin


Sports Flooring

PLAE was founded in 2009 to provide high performance solutions focused on making athletes the best versions of themselves possible. For PLAE, constantly pushing the envelope of what’s possible with athletic surfacing is foundational to who we are, and crucial to the products we make.

Rep Contact: Rich Gray

Matrix Fitness


Matrix Fitness — a brand of Johnson Health Tech — is the industry’s fastest-growing manufacturer and a favorite choice of the world’s finest fitness centers. Universities, high schools and elite training facilities know Matrix for providing the hardest-working equipment in the training room. Our thoughtful designs deliver dynamic performance, expanded functionality, and unmatched durability to stand up to the most intense training environments. No matter what your needs, goals or space requirements, Matrix has the tools to optimize your institution’s investment and your athletes’ efforts.

Rep Contact: Kelly Neuhauser

Power Lift


Power Lift got its start back in 1999 by owner and CEO Jeff Conner. Jeff had a vision to manufacture Olympic lifting platforms and strength training equipment for athletic and sports performance facilities. Since that day back 1999, Power Lift has maintained a steady growth that has always focused on manufacturing the highest quality of strength training and weight equipment you can buy.

Rep Contact: Mike Richardson

Strength Coach Pro


Built by coaches – for coaches, Strength Coach Pro is designed to be the worlds easiest, most versatile and efficient program builder for coaches.

Rep Contact: Steve Olson



Gatorade is proud to support the NHSSCA. This year, the brand will be sharing information around the new Gatorade Performance Partner, the first multi-disciplinary community of sports performance professionals. Gatorade offers a range of sports fuel products backed by years of  scientific research, developed in collaboration with the world’s greatest athletes and designed to improve athletic performance. Gatorade’s portfolio is designed to meet the fueling needs of all athletes, and the addition of Muscle Milk to the Gatorade family only strengthens its product roster. Gatorade’s Recovery products – bars, protein powder and shakes – help athletes rebuild muscles after athletic activity while Muscle Milk products help athletes maximize their strength.

Rep Contact: Timothy Borcky



RepOne Strength builds tools to help teams implement velocity based training, auto-regulation, and individualization without breaking the budget. RepOne Sensors are made in the USA, and use gold standard tether-based sensing at a price affordable enough to outfit your whole weight room. Our software, StrengthOS, helps you automate athlete guidance and data collection so you can enjoy the benefits of individualized training without hiring a team of coaches.

Rep Contact: Jordan Berke

Hammer Strength

Exercise Equipment


Hammer Strength has been building athletes for more than 30 years. Not just elite athletes, but those determined to train like one. Built to a higher standard, Hammer Strength’s rugged performance strength training equipment is the most durable on the market and is designed to withstand the most intense workouts. Inclusive of plate-loaded strength equipment, rugged racks, rigs, selectorized strength equipment, barbells, dumbbells, weight plates and other training tools,  Hammer Strength has you covered.


Hammer Strength is proud to be a part of the Life Fitness Family of Brands. Our six distinct brands (Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex, ICG, SCIFIT & Brunswick) combine to offer limitless possibilities to facilities and exercisers.

Rep Contact: Jeremy Wilson

Setanta College



Led by Dr. Liam Hennessy, Setanta College is an internationally renowned provider of higher education in human performance and sports science. With campus locations in the USA, Ireland, UK, South Africa, and India, the higher education institute’s flexible learning format provides athletes and coaches with options to further their education while focusing on their performance or their team’s performance.


Setanta College’s Advisory Board and lecturing faculty are highly experienced in elite-level sport, with board members including Denver Broncos’ Head S&C Coach Loren Landow and renowned coach and educator in exercise science and human performance Mike Martino. Gary Schofield, Co-Founder of the NHSSCA and Director of Youth & High School Development at 

PLAE, serves as a guest lecturer.

Setanta College has a broad network of industry partners across the sports world and sports tech industry. These include STATSports, ForceDecks, MLB franchises, Titleist Performance Institute, World Rugby, and Arsenal FC. Setanta College graduates include both coaches and athletes operating at elite sporting level, across professional football, baseball, rugby, athletics, and more.

Rep Contact: Sean Hogan

Athletes in Action


Athletes in Action is an international sports organization. We focus on equipping athletes and coaches to grow in relationship with Jesus and to multiply their life into others. Our ultimate goal is to see Christ-followers on every team, in every sport, in every nation. Iron Circle powered by Athletes in Action is a community of strength coaches who connect online. In one year, Iron Circle has grown from10 men in one group to over 70 men and women participating in 7 groups. Iron Circle encourages coaches to learn how to compete with an Audience of One mindset where they can find freedom in the perspective of sport as worship. Our belief is that there is Victory Beyond Competition, by living for something more important than sport. Every day we can live with eternity in mind by growing in our relationship with Jesus and by multiplying our lives into others. This eternal victory lasts for a lifetime.


Athletes in Action Sports Performance offers strength coaches and students the opportunity to use the skills and experience God has given them to change lives. Help us to reach Every Athlete through domestic and international camps, projects and teams while you experience missions in your field of expertise.

Rep Contact: Paul Newman



Professional Weight Room Solutions with over 40 years of industry and manufacturing expertise. We believe in Integrity, Authenticity and Accountability. We stand for Quality, Durability and Professionalism. Our Service is meant for those ready to advance our profession.

Rep Contact: Andy Zapien



SimpliFaster helps coaches use technology to improve the performance of their athletes. The SimpliFaster blog, published daily with articles written by leading coaches and sport scientists, includes an extensive library of topics covering skill development, speed and strength, injury prevention and recovery, nutrition, sleep, and technology. The website also includes a job board for coaches, a clinics calendar, and classified ads. SimpliFaster sponsors several podcasts, including Just Fly Sports, Ryan Banta, and Cody Hughes.

Rep Contact: Christopher Glaeser

Intek Strength


Forged from a passion to find better performing gear, out founders, a gym owner and a gym equipment specialist, joined forces. The goal: to deliver the quality fitness equipment with outstanding service while pushing the envelope of innovation. The first product was our Armor Series urethane dumbbell.
Nearly two decades later, our story and our equipment continue to evolve. The obsession with quality, the drive for innovation, and the commitment to service remains as strong as ever.

Rep Contact: Jason Boogerd

Rogers Athletic


We have developed a revolutionary line of weight training equipment to provide the solution to off-season training as you prepare for your next season. From our heavy-duty Pendulum Racks to our complete line of Pendulum plate loaded machines, you can train the entire body. Rogers Athletic is committed to manufacturing strength training equipment that promotes proper technique and is designed with safety in mind. GET STRONG!

Rep Contact: Tyler Hobson



Build explosive power, endurance and strength in your weight room or outside on the field. This training sled is designed to increase performance for individuals and teams, create a healthy competitive environment and better prepare each athlete for their sport. The FlipSled’s ability to change from a bobsled, to a wheelbarrow “drive and flip,”  to a weighted tire in seconds has changed the game forever.  This is true training—The Flip Sled mimics explosive movements required in all sports. We want to help you turn your athletes into elite competitors.

Rep Contact: Sean Campbell

GymAware Flex


GymAware // FLEX. The only Velocity Based Training company with options. Choose your hardware. Choose your software. And create a solution that suits your needs and budget.

For more than 15 years, GymAware has been recognised as the world leading Velocity Based Training solution for elite and professional training. Our reliability, portability, precision and durability are second to none.

We recognised that the same system used by professionals does not necessarily fit within the budgets of many strength & conditioning coaches involved with club sports and high schools.

In 2021 we went deep under the hood and integrated our FLEX barbell sensor with our GymAware software. This makes for a powerful Velocity Based Training combination where budgets are constrained.

Rep Contact: Taylor Jockers