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Introducing the NHSSCA Coaches Roundtable


By Eric Cash | President, NHSSCA

At the heart of the National High School Strength Coaches Association (NHSSCA) lies a resolute mission: to Educate, Equip, and Empower coaches to make a lasting positive impact in student-athlete’s lives. This mission drives our every endeavor, reminding us that high school strength coaching is not merely about the physical but a holistic approach encompassing mentorship, inspiration, and transformative learning.

In line with our commitment to advancing this mission and offering unparalleled value to our Professional Members, we’re ecstatic to unveil our latest initiative: the “NHSSCA Coaches Roundtable.” These exclusive monthly episodes are designed to be a beacon of knowledge, experience, and best practices from the forefront of high school strength & conditioning.

High school strength coaching is more than just lifting weights and monitoring workouts; it’s a holistic approach that balances athlete performance, mentorship, and lifelong learning. At the National High School Strength Coaches Association (NHSSCA), we’re unwaveringly dedicated to supporting high school strength coaches in their quest for excellence.

With immense pride, we introduce our latest initiative in this mission: the “NHSSCA Coaches Roundtable.” As a testament to our commitment to continual learning and collaboration, these monthly episodes are designed to be a treasure trove of insights, experiences, and best practices from high school strength & conditioning.

Meet the Hosts

  • Coach Caroline Palmer:
    • Role: Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Mary Rutan: STAR Sports Performance, Bellefontaine, Ohio.
    • Background: Coach Palmer is deeply involved in coaching a diverse set of athletes ranging from youth to collegiate and even some professionals. Her contributions span both on-site training and collaborations with local high schools. A proud alumna of Ohio Northern University, Coach Palmer is currently wrapping up her Master’s journey at Setanta College.
  • Coach Brandon Herring:
    • Role: Strength & Conditioning Coach at Hewitt-Trussville High School, Trussville, Ala.
    • Background: Beyond his pivotal role at Hewitt-Trussville, Coach Herring serves as the NHSSCA Alabama State Director. His expertise and dedication have been recognized widely, evident from accolades like the 2021 NHSSCA Alabama State Coach of the Year and the 2022 NHSSCA Southeast Region Coach of the Year.

Every month, Coach Palmer and Coach Herring will lead enlightening discussions with three high school strength coaches, covering a spectrum of topics pertinent to strength & conditioning.

What’s In Store

In our October episodes, listeners can look forward to:

  1. Episode 1: A heart-to-heart with Coach Mike Crissinger, exploring the synergies and dynamics between head coaches and their assistants.
  2. Episode 2: An intricate dissection of speed development, and the balance between max velocity, acceleration, and change of direction.
  3. Episode 3: A unique opportunity to glean insights from three celebrated NHSSCA Hall of Fame Coaches.

How To Access

  1. Sign In at
  2. Click your Avatar (top right corner).
  3. Hover over Profile > Click View
  4. Click Courses
  5. There, you’ll see Coaches Roundtable. Click it to access the latest three episodes.

As we roll out this new endeavor, we’re inspired and guided by our unwavering mission: to not only uplift the professional skills of our coaches but also to deepen their ability to create a positive, lasting imprint on their student-athletes. Brace yourself for these insightful episodes and much more, exclusively curated for NHSSCA Professional Members!

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