Eligibility & Selection Process:
Nominating coach must be current NHSSCA member.
Each coach may nominate male or female athletes that meet the award criteria.
Athlete must be a current senior in high school.
All nominations should be submitted to the All-American Award Chair cashen@spart6.orgat cash

NHSSCA All-American Award criteria worksheet must be submitted (pdf download) and must include the following:
Testing results included.   Minimum Standards are noted.  All-American Athletes must meet the body weight standards for inclusion.
Please list all athletic accomplishments to include individual honors and team successes.
Please list cumulative GPA to include school scale with/without grade weighting.
Please list any leadership positions held both athletic and other school positions.
Nomination letter(s).  Please write a recommendation letter that would explain the athlete’s work ethic as a part of the strength and conditioning program and how it has carried over to successes on the athletic field/court.  Include assessment of the student’s character, how he/she has served as a role-model as well as how he/she is perceived by teachers and students around the school.  A second letter by the sport coach(es) is also recommended but not required.