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Lumin Sports Partners With NHSSCA


We’re thrilled that Lumin Sports has joined forces with the NHSSCA! ~ Eric Cash, President | NHSSCA

Lumin is more than an Athlete Management System (AMS), it’s a Digital HQ for athletic performance.

Our collaboration promises to put performance software in the hands of high school strength coaches to help them save time and money while ensuring student-athletes train smarter and achieve peak performance.

Learn about Lumin Sports, what this partnership means for our community, and an exclusive NHSSCA member offer.

Introducing Lumin Sports

Established in 2018 in Adelaide, Australia, Lumin Sports set out to transform the way coaches visualized athlete data to make faster, more informed decisions to elevate athlete performance. 

Fast forward to 2023, and Lumin has evolved into a platform that not only services the performance needs of high school strength coaches but also the scheduling, feedback, recovery, mental wellness, and administration components they’re often responsible for.

Lumin’s Vision

Lumin’s vision is to provide effective physical and mental performance tools for today’s humans to ensure they are their best selves tomorrow. It’s why they’ve redefined what an athlete management system and its capabilities should be. Lumin is also highly committed to making its software accessible and affordable for every coach and organization, ensuring that athletes’ performance goals are always a priority.

Alignment with NHSSCA

Lumin Sports and the NHSSCA share a common goal to empower and support coaches in positively impacting student-athletes lives. 

Designed with the high school strength coach in mind, the Lumin platform makes interpreting performance data easy, streamlining communication and scheduling while reducing administrative hours.

Training Enhancement with Lumin Sports

Lumin Sports integrates with major wearable technologies, allowing coaches to monitor their athletes’ physical and mental loads in real-time. Recognizing that not all schools can afford wearables, Lumin specializes in RPE and subjective data monitoring and reporting. This ensures that coaches comprehensively understand their athletes’ well-being and performance.

What Sets Lumin Sports Apart

Lumin Sports stands out from other platforms based on its superior data visualizations, exceptional service, and competitive pricing. Lumin offers a free demo so that coaches can experience the benefits firsthand.   

Why Lumin Sports is Ideal for High School Strength Coaches

Lumin Sports is becoming increasingly popular among high school strength coaches for three main reasons:

  1. Real-time monitoring and visualization of athlete data. Automated alerts for flagging athletes.
  2. Efficient scheduling and communication tools to reduce administrative burden.
  3. Affordability. Lumin ensures all coaches have access to top-tier software.

Success Stories

Several high schools in the U.S. and Australia, including Boles ISD, Aliso Niguel High School, St Peters, Brisbane Grammar, Sydney Grammar, and SEDA College, benefit from Lumin’s data insights, streamlined communication, and comprehensive scheduling features. One coach credits Lumin with slashing the time he spends on administrative duties by 40%.

Engagement with the NHSSCA Community

Beyond being a partner, Lumin Sports plans to support the NHSSCA community with educational resources and opportunities. They will soon release a free e-book co-written by renowned strength coaches, focusing on establishing successful athletic programs, a performance culture, and more.

Upcoming Innovations

Lumin Sports is excited about its upcoming “Athlete Testing” feature, which promises to be intuitive and cater to both individual and batch testing scenarios.

Contact Lumin Sports

For those interested in learning more about Lumin Sports, contact Blake Bender, the U.S. Sales Executive, at or 916-873-5588. 

Alternatively, Ben Gazzola, the Head of Sales, can be contacted at or +61 400 652 708.

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