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Many strength and conditioning organizations serve a broad audience. Yet, a gap exists for U.S. high school strength coaches, who navigate a unique intersection of education, youth athletics, and school culture. Our organization fills this gap with specialized resources and advocacy, prioritizing a high school coaches’ distinct needs.
Founded by high school coaches, for high school coaches. The NHSSCA prioritizes people over policy, serving as the key connector among 35,000 U.S. schools, emphasizing relationships over certifications.
Join the NHSSCA and elevate your profession. We champion high school strength and conditioning, advocating for the recognition, respect, and compensation you deserve. Together, we amplify the importance of our roles with educational institutions nationwide.
The NHSSCA leads in professional development with #FAMILY days, state clinics, a national conference, certification, and strategic partnerships. As field leaders, we keep members updated on the latest research and maintain strong ties with media and peers.
Join our mission to redefine high school strength and conditioning. Together, we can elevate it from a job to a revered profession. By partnering, you help set high standards, champion best practices, and highlight coaches’ pivotal roles. Let’s unite to ensure every coach is recognized and valued.


Whether you’re a high school strength and conditioning coach, sports coach, educator, athletic trainer, or a student, the NHSSCA has a membership for you.


For those in sport coaching, physical education, strength coaching, training, or anyone keen on high school athletic development. Please note: This membership is NOT HSSCC eligible.
$ 50
00 per year


For the high school coach with strength
and conditioning responsibilities. This membership is HSSCC eligible.
$ 100
per year
  • 50% Discount Pricing
  • Access to Professional Development Content
  • NHSSCA Membership Certificate
  • Professional Member T-Shirt
  • NHSSCA Monthly Newsletter
  • FREE Virtual Events
  • Awards & Leadership Eligible
  • Presenter/Speaker Eligible
  • Certification Eligible


For full-time undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a career in high school education and/or coaching. This membership is HSSCC-eligible. Verification required.
$ 25
per year
  • 65% Discount Pricing
  • LIMITED Website Content
  • Membership Certificate
  • NHSSCA Monthly Newsletter

Help Redefine high school strength and conditioning

Join our mission to redefine high school strength and conditioning so we can elevate it from a job to a revered profession together.