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NHSSCA Staff Package-Standard Membership

The NHSSCA Standard Membership – Staff Package (non-recurring) requires a minimum/maximum of 10 members to purchase. Following the purchase, you will receive email instructions on how to enroll each member.



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Membership Includes:

Purchase Orders

Please complete this form to submit a Purchase Order request to the NHSSCA.

NHSSCA Standard Member Staff Package Instructions

Please follow these steps when purchasing an NHSSCA Standard Member Staff Package: 

  1. Purchase an NHSSCA Standard Member Staff Package.
  2. Then email Mike Bewley, Admin Services, the first name, last name, and email of the 10 individuals scheduled to receive the NHSSCA Standard Membership.
  3. Bewley will forward detailed instructions to members to register FREE OF CHARGE using a Coupon Code.
  4. Bewley will deliver a weekly report detailing registration compliance until complete.
ATTENTION: If you wish to pay via PO, please complete THIS FORM.