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Serving Equipment Needs of High School Coaches


Bridge BUILT is a manufacturer based out of Cincinnati, Ohio that specializes in creating innovative and unique strength and conditioning equipment. With customers across the world, Bridge is on a mission to bring the highest quality equipment to those that are passionate about their training everywhere.

Can you briefly describe the history and mission of Bridge BUILT?

Founder Patryk Bielawski set out to design better equipment and solve problems in the training space back in 2013. The company sold the first piece of equipment a year later, and he has been pushing forward ever since.

With customers across the world, Bridge is on a mission to bring the highest-quality equipment to those everywhere who are passionate about their training. All strength equipment is made, but not all of it is BUILT!

Bridge BUILT always stays true to three core values:

  1. Quality: Delivering the BEST equipment is our priority. No details are overlooked.
  2. Innovation: Design & create equipment that solves problems & our customers love.
  3. Service: Provide a level of personalized service that is unmatched in our industry.

How does Bridge BUILT’s vision align with the objectives and values of the NHSSCA, particularly in supporting high school strength coaches?*

We see the value in high school strength and conditioning–and there are so many schools in need of safe, innovative, reliable equipment that fits in their space! Our approach is simple and effective. We listen to the needs and ideas of strength coaches and then create both weight room layouts and equipment design that align with their training philosophy.

We also don’t treat customers differently based on their institution or size of the job. Everyone deserves the same experience and that is our promise. So, you can put your money on our three core values–Quality, Innovation, and Service.

By aligning ourselves with the NHSSCA, we aim to be more than a provider of equipment; we strive to be a strategic partner in the journey of high school strength coaches, offering tailored solutions, educational support, and a shared passion for the development of young athletes. Together with the NHSSCA, Bridge BUILT seeks to elevate the standards of high school strength and conditioning, empowering coaches to achieve their goals and make a lasting impact on the lives of student-athletes across the United States.

Can you explain your company’s emphasis on “custom-first design”, and how you work with strength coaches to develop a design for the equipment and weight room layout that best meets their needs?

Our “custom-first design” philosophy is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that each high school strength program is unique, with specific requirements and goals. We prioritize collaboration with strength coaches to create tailored solutions that align with their needs. Whether it’s weight racks, benches, storage, or complete weight room layouts, we engage in a consultative process to understand the coach’s vision, preferences, and the dynamics of their athletes.

“Custom” to us means a lot more than just adding your color and logos to a cookie cutter system. Our design approach involves a thorough discussion of the coach’s objectives, training style, and available space. This collaborative process allows us to implement next-level customization options that are tailored to perfectly meet the needs of the athletes and ensure that every piece of equipment is functional and seamlessly integrates into the overall weight room layout. Performance and aesthetics both matter! The result is a bespoke training environment that beautifully reflects the coach, program, and organization. We want people to be excited and proud of the place they train and coach in!

What special features does your company/product offer and explain how it/they work?

We have all the same standard pieces of equipment and accessories that the majority of industry manufactures offer. We have been able to deliver those at a high level and in quantities both small and large. We make sure the foundation of needs is met. Where we have taken training options to–that is what we are excited about as well!

Bridge BUILT’s Phoenix line of equipment stands at the forefront of strength and conditioning innovation. Its revolutionary design integrates mobility and space optimization – the most premium thing a Coach has at their disposal! This is the game-changer for strength coaches that you didn’t know you needed! The transformative features of the Phoenix line give you racks, power racks, benches and accessories that uphold to the highest levels of training and testing – but also folds and rolls away to give you back a majority of the space! The designs of this equipment allow coaches to adapt it to various environments and locations. It maximizes training opportunities, proving especially valuable in facilities with space constraints. Your training programs no longer have boundaries – Bridge BUILT is about solutions! Anytime, anywhere – we got you!

What makes Bridge BUILT exercise equipment stand out from other brands in the market?

Bridge BUILT exercise equipment distinguishes itself in the market through a combination of innovative design, mobility features, and a commitment to continuous improvement. What sets us apart is our proactive approach to product development, incorporating valuable insights from coaches within the industry. We actively seek feedback from professionals on the front lines, understanding the unique challenges they face in training environments. This collaborative process ensures that our equipment not only meets industry standards, but exceeds them.

Furthermore, our commitment to excellence extends to firsthand experience. We actively train on what we build. Our team engages in rigorous training sessions using our own equipment, providing us with valuable insights into performance, durability, and areas for improvement. We don’t hold back!

This has challenged us to have the highest-quality control process in all parts of our logistics: steel manufacturers, machining, laser cutting, powder coating, shipping, assembly, etc.  We get to evaluate our products from the perspective of those who rely on them daily, and that means a lot to us. We ensure that Bridge BUILT exercise equipment stands out as a result of its continuous refinement, addressing the ever-changing demands of the strength and conditioning landscape.

How does Bridge BUILT cater to the specific needs and challenges of high school gyms and athletic facilities?

Everyone is in a unique situation. That is the landscape of high schools across the country.

Our answer is simple: We just listen. Once we receive input and understand their needs, we work to find areas where we can add a ton of value and give them resources and support. Not all interactions will lead to sales but, we can still add value.

High school athletes have unique developmental needs. How does Bridge BUILT ensure the safety and effectiveness of its equipment for this demographic?

  1. Empowering People
  2. Enduring Quality

We recognize the pivotal role high school strength coaches play in shaping the next generation of athletes. Our company stands out for its commitment to delivering fully customized strength and conditioning equipment tailored to the unique needs of high school programs. From weight racks to benches and cutting-edge accessory gear, our products are designed to empower coaches to elevate the training experience for your athletes, giving them tools they need to thrive and succeed.

We take great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of our equipment. We use only the finest American steel and reinforce our products with polycarbonate, known for its exceptional durability (yes, the same material used in bulletproof glass). We understand the importance of providing your athletes with equipment that can withstand the demands of rigorous training. Rest assured, with Bridge BUILT, you’re investing in top-tier equipment that upholds the highest standards of durability and safety.

Can you share any success stories or testimonials from high schools that have benefited from using Bridge BUILT equipment?

“I needed a solution for storage in our athletic fieldhouse. I had equipment on floors and laying against the walls. Honestly, it was a hazard/liability. I needed something that could hold +1100 lbs. of plates, med balls, ropes, etc. Enter: Bridge BUILT. Pat and team made me a custom-colored Battle Wagon that is completely mobile on my downstairs weight room floor and on the field turf. I was blown away by the quality and craftsmanship–and they got it to me way faster than expected. Not only is it functional, it’s a show piece, too. Our space is clean, organized, and safer, and it looks awesome!”

—Adam Atallah, Director of Strength and Conditioning
Covington Catholic High School, Covington, KY

In what ways does Bridge BUILT plan to engage with and support the NHSSCA community beyond being a partner?

We are a business; we have a desire to be the best strength equipment brand in the world. In order to do that, we need to sell equipment and need people to buy it. But HOW we go about it will be unique and new…the real stuff–genuine connections and a shared love for coaching & training.

You’ll find us at NHSSCA events learning alongside you, sharing what’s happening from our end and learning what is the latest in your world. Beyond the events, we have a desire to plan visits, see your space and watch you do what you do best. We are down to catch a lift together, talk shop–workout strategies, insights, latest difficulties, and collaborate to build student performance together. No sales pitch, just a sincere desire to support. Bridge BUILT is here for the long run, building connections whether it’s at events, in the gym, or anywhere we can share our passion for coaching and training. We call that “G.A.S!” (Giving a Sh**)

For NHSSCA members interested in learning more about Bridge BUILT or purchasing equipment, what’s the best way for them to get in touch?

To learn more about Bridge BUILT, ask questions about our products, or inquire about custom equipment or full gym design, connect with us here:

  • Website:
  • Email: which email do you want here?
  • Phone:  513-601-9973
  • Follow us on social media:

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