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Our Process

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Our design process begins with a strong understanding of your needs and vision. Together with your dedicated Solutions Specialist and CAD Designer, we analyze and brainstorm various concepts to ensure maximum potential. We will bring your concept to reality through a series of in-person and remote planning sessions where you will have the opportunity to view your room in 3D digital renders and virtual reality.

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Since 1980, Sorinex has designed and built custom innovative training solutions of the highest standard. Custom isn’t just picking your logos and colors. To us, custom means a hand-built solution from start to finish. Every situation is unique. We start by asking the right questions to co-create a one of a kind solution for each client. Because most of our products are made to order, fabrication time varies depending on the product scope.

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Built to Last a Lifetime

Since 1980, our premise has been simple: Make functional strength training equipment that could be customized, and above all, BOMB PROOF. Sorinex equipment is backed by an industry leading LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY.

U.S. Made Raw Materials

We build our equipment to the standards that we hold true to ourselves. Built better because we have to. We strive to source American Made raw materials and components whenever possible.

Precision Laser Technology

Industry leading custom branding solutions, our iconic numbered tubing, and one-of-a-kind components are expertly crafted with our Precision Laser Technologies.


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Unlike most companies, our support does not end once the install is finished. Annual safety checks, equipment training, coaching consultations, and consistent visits are all included in the Sorinex package. When we say “Bosco Brotherhood”, we mean it. This is a family business, which to us means being here to support you and your program. We will provide you with the highest level of assistance to help you succeed.

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In 2019, the digital media landscape is moving faster than ever. Proper branding, promotions, visual media, and messaging are key to stand above the crowds. We are a fully staffed media organization with the tools and social reach to create, support, and promote your awareness efforts. Recruiting athletes, coaches, and clients to your program is our specialty. We are prepared to create industry leading video, photography, 3D imaging and VR/AR experiences to enhance your communities’ understanding of who you are and the value you bring to their table.