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We Support High School Strength Coaches

As inaugural sponsors of the National High School Strength Coaches Association (NHSSCA), we stand for the high school strength coach including sports coaches, PE teachers and everything in between.

Our belief is in being a partner to strength coaches and supporting the high school strength industry.

Training for Every Environment

The Platinum plan offers a database of up to 700 exercises complete with video tutorials and automated 1RM tracking. Coaches can even add to, delete or edit our entire exercise database to fit their preferences.

We also provide up to 60 modern, proven strength and conditioning workout templates that include sport-specific programs, in-season/off-season phases and specialty programs such as Conjugate, Triphasic, linear and non-linear periodization.

View all of our templates here.

Simple Video Coaching 

Every TeamBuildr fitness training software subscription offers the ability for athletes to record themselves on their mobile device for coaches to evaluate in order to make remote training a better, higher-quality experience.

Available on both iOS and Android, coaches now have the benefit of storing all their data in one central place with our video coaching software.