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Tell Us What You Want!


As we transition into this year’s cycle of clinics/conferences, we want to hear from our members! We are offering more opportunities to make your voice heard.

Submit A Presentation
The NHSSCA’s Executive Council invites you to submit your presentation for the 2024 Events: NatCon, State Clinics, and Family Day. To do this, please visit our Presenter Application Form.

Not comfortable presenting? No problem. Let us know what you want to hear about by completing our Event Suggestion Survey. We’ve listed below some ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

What topics would you like to see in a lecture format?

Some ideas would be…

  1. Speed: Acceleration or Top Speed
  2. Strength Training: In-Season, Off-Season, Game Day programming
  3. Power Development: Jumps, Throws, & Other
  4. Movement Screens or other initial assessments
  5. Conditioning modalities
  6. Agility: Reaction Drills or Programmable Drills

What topics would you like to see in a hands-on format?

Some ideas would be…

  1. Lifting Techniques / Progressions: Squat, Bench, Power Clean, etc.
  2. Speed Techniques / Progressions
  3. Agility Techniques / Progressions
  4. Plyometric Techniques / Progression

What other types of information would you like to hear about?

Some ideas would be…

  1. Financial planning for a teacher/coach
  2. Resume/portfolio building
  3. Bridging the private sector and high school coach relationship
  4. Career path development into administration.

Thanks for your time. We can’t wait to get your feedback so we can evolve to meet your needs while enhancing your membership privileges. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with Kevin O’Neill.

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