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The National High School Strength Coaches Association exists to Educate, Equip, and Empower Coaches to make a lasting impact on student-athletes’ lives. We are committed to developing trustworthy, knowledgeable, effective, passionate, and transformational coaches.

NHSSCA Mission

We Saw A Need

In the summer of 2016, several high school coaches met to discuss the unique needs of our profession. The current state of high school strength coaches has left us disconnected, devalued and underserved. Although there are a few organizations and associations serving the field of strength and conditioning, none were dedicated solely to the high school strength coach. It was decided that there was a better path. The National High School Strength Coaches Association (NHSSCA) was created to allow us to grow as true professionals and the movement began.


of Excellence

Across the nation, countless coaches dedicate themselves to enhancing students’ developmental experiences in high schools. The NHSSCA stands as their unifying hub. We don’t just recognize excellence; we define it through our ‘Program of Excellence’ – the Gold Standard for high school strength and conditioning. This pinnacle is set by a comprehensive rubric, school administrative certification, and a pivotal video component.
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NHSSCA's High School Strength Coach Certification


Elevating High School Strength & Conditioning Nationwide

By empowering high school strength coaches, sport coaches, educators, and students with the HSSCC, we’re paving the way for superior training programs, ensuring student-athletes reach their full potential while enhancing a coach’s ranging needs and abilities.

Similarly, the HSSCC helps the NHSSCA promote high school strength and conditioning so athletic and academic administrators, school officials, and national educational organizations gain the inherent value of a qualified high school strength and conditioning coach.


Rather than continue to be a collection of individuals or disconnected state coaching associations, the NHSSCA strives to be a point of connection. The value of any association is not in certification, clinic, or conference. The value rests in the ability to create connections and build relationships.

National Conference

NATCON, dubbed the ‘Super Bowl of high school strength and conditioning,’ is more than just an event; it’s our annual #Family reunion and an unforgettable experience. Kicking off with a social gathering on Thursday and culminating in the Partner Raffle on Saturday, this conference is the grand finale to our year. With 14 presenters, 4 lectures, 8 hands-on sessions, our Awards Dinner, and numerous opportunities to network with coaches nationwide, NATCON truly has something for everyone.


Our State Clinics are immersive one-day events, tailored to foster learning, growth, and connections within the strength and conditioning community. Each clinic showcases 5 distinguished speakers, blends lecture with hands-on sessions, and concludes with a collaborative coaches’ roundtable.


Family Days are complimentary 3-hour mini-clinics, blending insightful lectures with hands-on sessions, and concluding with a coaches’ roundtable. It’s a prime opportunity to network with fellow coaches, teachers, administrators, and more. Plus, for non-members, it’s a glimpse into why for us, #Family is more than just a hashtag.




Are you a high school sport coach or strength coach, or do you aspire to be one? Explore how the NHSSCA can amplify your journey. Let’s redefine the future of high school strength and conditioning in America.